Full Website Project with one of our amazing templates tailor fit for your business.

Most business owners that come to DM Advertising for a web project are looking for a new project from scratch or are ready to completely re-design their existing website. Business owners that are looking for these are perfect candidates for a full website project:

  • Beautiful design
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Conversion points to promote products and or services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • A strategic plan for effective site management and maintenance

Building a Site From a Template

Project Management

Project Management carefully considers the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals. Our goals include completing your project on time and on budget. Every project receives our full attention and we strive to meet and exceed our client's expectations. We also use project management online software to easily keep track of communications, files, reviews, approvals, and progress. You will know where your project stands at all times. We realize that excellent communication skills and status can make or break any project.


Larger and more complicated projects may require the need for discovery sessions. But sometimes, it's all about the details. Open communications and back and forth collaboration with our clients enable the projects success. Dedication to get the process right in a timely mannor ensures that we meet the business goal of improving their site and profitability. We blend the templates design, the functionality of the apps to ensure the correct blend to arrive at a website that is easy to work on for future development.

Research & Development

Looking at our client's competition and within their defined industry helps to modify their template into a website that is ahead of their competitors and will give them the edge to win more business. This is an important area especially in SEO and making their Business Catalyst system work for them. As part of our ongoing marketing strategy it is important to understand our client's market so we can tailor fit a strategy that will give them an edge as well as getting more from their website. Their website needs to be more than informative it needs to work for them to get a better market share.

Choice of Template

Frontend web development is extremely important when it comes to design and layout. We mainly use Tribevita Templates as they are beautiful websites that are not only functional but creative in their design. There is a degree of simplicity as well as professionalism which makes the re-skinning process manageable as well as relatively quick.


There are various decisions to consider from branding to modules to workflows. Once you’ve identified a handful of starter options from our BC template offerings, we can begin the final steps of production. We are geared up to become a valuable and proactive resource to help facilitate and complete your project.

Testing & Debugging

Based on scope, all projects end with strict reviews. Websites are tested through major browsers and other web devices such as tablets and mobile phones. We care deeply about getting it right. We pride ourselves in fixing any issues that arise from the normal development lifecycle.


Adobe's Business Catalyst platform is meant for those who want the control and administrative access in order to successfully supervise a web business. This means having the ability to modify content, add products, market through emails, and run reports. We works with many clients and customers encompassing a wide range of skills and experience.


Many of our clients are new to the Adobe Business Catalyst environment. Although other systems are similar, every platform has its unique way to manage a website. We provides individualized training packages with clients that have completed a custom project or integration. Online meetings and video screen casts through one-on-one consulting are tailored to meet specific training needs. Expert advice on how to effectively manage your website with Business Catalyst can save you a lot of time and energy.


So, you're at a great spot! Your project is complete, and your content and products are in the system. The only thing left is going-live! The process of shutting off one website and turning on another is unique from project to project, especially if e-commerce is involved. We can assist you with the migration from another system to Business Catalyst. We'll take a step-by-step approach and schedule your launch to ensure all deployment tasks are completed on time.

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