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Parking Braket

To set your parking brake, pull up on the control in the center console. You’ll see a confirmation on your instrument panel.

To release the brake manually, press firmly on the brake pedal and press the control.

Parking Brake

Parking Brake

Your parking brake is applied automatically if Auto-Hold Brake is active and the vehicle has been  stationary for about five minutes. It is also applied when you put it in Park on a steep hill and when the engine is turned off.

It’s automatically released when you fasten your seatbelt, press the brake, start the engine, put it in Drive or Reverse, and then press the accelerator.

Parking Brake

Parking Brake

In an emergency, you can apply the parking brake while moving by pulling and holding up the control. You'll hear an alert at higher speeds. Braking will stop when you release the control.

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