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Our agency has selected the Adobe Business Catalyst platform as the default system for our projects. The main reasons that we considered was delivering a full web business system at a reasonable development cost without IT administration hassles. Adobe delivers a SaaS (software-as-a-service) package with a turnkey solution that includes Content Management, E-Commerce, Customer Database, Built-in Email Marketing, and Reporting/Analytics. These 5+ systems are integrated and compatible under one roof with one login, making management and administration easier than ever before. All that is left is creative talent, development experience, and a roadmap to getting your online business live.


Why Business Catalyst?

Adobe delivers a turnkey solution that includes 5 main systems in one.

  • Content Management
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Database
  • Built-in Email Marketing
  • Reporting/Analytics

The power of the Adobe's platform is the combined simple use of all five main systems within one administration console, designed to run your online business. The alternative is to pick these systems independently and integrate them to work as one unit. This alternative approach requires more planning, added development costs, and future support costs that are unnecessary in most cases. Why deal with different vendors pointing at one another for something not working?

Business Catalyst is Software as a Service (SAAS). It is available through BC Partners as a unified hosting platform meant for web business. Here is an overview of what can be accomplished through the five main systems that are wired and ready-to-go:


Tight Integration with Adobe Tools

Adobe Creative Suite is the most popular software used by creatives and developers for projects. The ability to work in familiar environments allows professionals to create and publish your online projects. Use the administration online console or Adobe Dreamweaver to manage your website.

Manage hosted content

Empower yourself and take control of your website. Business Catalyst makes it easier to manage content without being an experience web programmer. The platform offers intuitive, real-time editing. Timesaving templates, pages and modules preserve website content consistency, and avoid duplication.

Set up an online storefront

Online business is the future. With Business Catalyst, you can set up a powerful, SEO-friendly online store. The platform includes an integrated CRM for order management. You can manage the history of orders and reach out to customers that may be interested in repeat business. Every order links to a unique customer record in the built-in CRM database. Online marketing efforts are resolved by the ability to offer discounts, vouchers, and referrals. You can even sell products with built-in recurrence. With the right payment gateway configuration, you can easily sell ongoing subscription services.

Manage your customer database

Business Catalyst offers a built-in CRM that is integrated with web forms, e-commerce, membership, and content management features. Customer actions can be captured automatically through web form submissions or online store orders. Interacting with customer contact details, orders and email subscriptions is made easy through a centralized management console. Get quick feedback through a real-time view of customer activity. And finally, create detailed reports based on criteria that matter to you. Exporting data has never been so simple.

Built-in Email Marketing

The power of email marketing can change the way you build traffic. Business Catalyst allows you to create targeted recipient lists and send personalized email marketing campaigns. Since the platform comes with a built-in CRM, it is easier than ever to build a customer list to maximize your results. Whether its monthly email newsletters or a loyalty-driven campaign, you can automate newsletters with strategic messaging to increase conversions on your website.

Reporting & Analytics

Your website is only as good as the story it tells. Successful online businesses tell stories about customer interactions and make the most out of opportunities to get conversions. Business Catalyst allows you to record various interactions customers have with your website. From tracking top-performing pages to the most popular online products, you get the tools to analyze and measure initiatives.

Why you’ll love Business Catalyst

Online businesses, not websites

These days, clients are demanding more functionality and better results than what a simple website can offer. They want a website with business functionality that fulfils real business goals.

Lower costs, higher profits

Say goodbye to manually integrating systems or maintaining tens of plug-ins to meet a single client’s requirements. Slash development time and streamline your workflows using our all-in-one online business platform.

Build beautiful sites, your way

Other solutions limit your creativity with complicated or restrictive theme systems. Business Catalyst turns that on its head — you craft your design in HTML and CSS, then simply insert our modules on top.

Professional infrastructure

No more headaches about uptime, server updates or installing the latest patches — our expert team takes care of that. Because we're fully hosted and managed, you and your clients receive all system updates automatically.

Our philosophy is... We help achieve online success through Adobe Business Catalyst. We do this through our experience as design and development strategists. We look forward to working with you.

Adobe Business Catalyst Platform


Is BC Right for You?

A Customer Management System (CMS) platform backed by Adobe, truly offers the best solutions for amazing websites to be built and easily managed

Website solutions come in various forms. It is important to first decide the goals of having a website before finding the solution.

  • How do I plan to use my website?
  • Is it a vehicle for marketing?
  • Do I plan on selling products or services online?
  • Will I regularly add or update information, offers, products or services?

When An Online Brochure Is No Longer Enough

Most companies who find and value the Business Catalyst platform have moved into a philosophy that a website is no longer just a brochure-like display on the web; it is an adjacent strategy to your business. Your website needs to automate parts of your business, show the personality as a brand, provide resources, aid as part of the marketing strategy and generate new business.

A CMS platform, like Business Catalyst, enables you to implement a website strategy and carry out those initiatives by managing and updating your website.

Common initiatives include:

  • Weekly promotions
  • New product offerings
  • blog writing
  • News or announcementws
  • Showcasing and updating homepage carousel messaging
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Event management

There are a lot of choices in the market, but we feel a CMS platform backed by Adobe, truly offers the best solution for amazing websites to be built and easily managed.

If this sounds like the solution that best matches your website strategy and goals, learn more about our specific service offerings.

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